We live in Switzerland and like to explore it. At times we do short 1-day trips, at times we escape into the deeper and higher valleys of Switzerland for a few days. During my professional training, we also had the opportunity to live at different places of this beautiful country.  We will keep sharing the highlights of our trips.

The Parliament house in Bern
Here is a list of our trips

City trips


Photo posts and -essays


Lakes of Switzerland


Swiss Alpine trips and resorts


UNESCO Heritage Sites


Leisure spots: Parks and Exhibitions

  • Glacier park of Lucerne
  • Island of Mainau


Sports and Activities in Switzerland

  • Paragliding in Mollis (my husband, I just did the photo documentation!)
  • Suspended Rope Park – in Arosa


Museums in Switzerland

  • The Museum of transport, Lucerne


Tropical Gardens of Switzerland

  • Frutigen and Wolhusen


Zoos of Switzerland


The Swiss Food

  • Raclette


Cooking Course at Cookuk, Aarau


Zürich, at the Limmat

Zurich, at the Limmat

The picture at the top is a panorama  picture from our Jungfraujoch- Aletsch trip, in the middle is the Swiss Parlament house in Bern and the bottom one is of Zurich, with a view on the river Limmat, the Grossmünster on the right and Frauenmünster on the left.