Gruyere land in the car's mirror

Images in mirrors

Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque

Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque & Eid ul Azha, Photo essay

Barcelona: Blue Building: Museum of Natural history, white: I don't know

Weekly Photo Challenge: From lines to patterns

A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Squares, in Lahore, Pakistan

Dubai: Ibn Battuta mall: square geometric design

A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Squares

Weekly Photo Challenge/unusual POV: Buildings in Hong Kong

Clock Tower, Hongkong, Landmarlk of Hong Kong

Weekly Photo Challenge: One shot, two ways – Hong Kong Tower Clock

KSAR Ait Ben Haddou

“Art of seeing”: Sunset and Sunrise photoworkshop at Ksar Aït Ben Haddou, Morocco

Suleymani Mosque, Iznik ceramic art work

Photo essay: Blue is for – Iznik ceramic tiles and artwork from Turkey

Suleymani Mosque

UNESCO World Heritage Site: Istanbul

convent of St. Gall

UNESCO World heritage sites: Convent of St Gall

Nasride palace by night

Andalusia – on the paths of the moors