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Dear Visitors

My husband and me are avid travellers and I am a devotional photographer. To explore different countries, nature, cultures and traditions, we travel during our vacations and enjoy learning beyond our perspectives.
What makes our blog different from other travel blogs? Every blog is as unique as the person developing it, because of different background, culture and experience.

A little about the blog, a little (!) about us


Where we are at home?

Good question! Where are we really at home? Where is home?

Home to me is, where I can just be myself! And to you?

Swiss Chalets

Swiss Chalets

Back to reality: We live in Switzerland. I have lived here since school days, with a few interruptions, only to return to the land of mountains, lakes, cheese and chocolate – err, yes, of course watches!
Earlier with my parents, with friends, on my own and now with my husband, I have travelled and explored Switzerland and (still) love it!

Who we are

Schönbrun Gardens

Vienna: Schönbrun Gardens

My husband is an Austrain Ex-Wiener Sängerknabe (Member of the Vienna Boys’ choir) and has travelled the world, esp. Europe and the States during his choir trips, starting at 9- 10 years of age. Needless to say, we love to visit Vienna and enjoy their bakery!

I myself was born in Germany, the genetic origin is from Pakistan. My travelling experience dates back to the first few weeks of being on earth, crossing the German border to Denmark and getting pictures in the lap of the mermaid. Later my parents shifted to Switzerland. My first air travel was at the age of 3-4 yrs, to be introduced to my Grandparents in Pakistan.

I am a medical professional and my husband is a patent holder for Biogas plants.

Purpose of this blog

Lucerne. the famous wooden bridge

Lucerne. the famous chapel bridge

We would like to share with you the beauty of Switzerland and and document the travel experience of other countries, cultures and people by either writing or just sharing the photographs, since they say more than 1000 words! Besidesm we are very keen to learn from you and get inspired by you!

A “hidden” purpose of this blog is, to show you a side of Pakistan, which many don’t know and is suffocated between all the news associated with Pakistan. There is always another side too!

My husband and my nephew

My husband and my nephew

All that said, this blog – pardon folks – is primarily a travel diary for my nieces and nephew. Hope that one day, they may be “bit” by the travel bug too and take a plunge to discover the world around them and may be join us on one of our journeys.

Globetrotters- my nieces

Globetrotters- my nieces on “top of Zurich”

What we always travel with

(meaning anytime – train, car, airline etc.)

Spice Souk, Dubai

Nuts from Spice Souk, Dubai

Our smartphones, media to safe my photographs (I am paranoid!!) and my photogear, IPAD to read or watch while travelling, a pair of thick and cosy soft socks for all those air-conditioning, my husband always has his “Masai” shawl with him, while I take to any shawl for all kinds of purposes – from evening wear, my free “pass” to enter a mosque or a cathedral/temple etc. or to simply protect my throat against A/C, rain protection and a bag with dry fruit including dates! Latest addition: a small sample of perfume for those unwanted odors from other travellers!

Travel solo/pair or in groups?

We feel most comfortable travelling together as a pair, even if it doesn’t mean sticking to each other all the time. We will go ahead and do something on our own or even not, just take a rest, while the other goes exploring. The most important thing to us, is to leave each other one’s own space!

We have done solo trips and in groups – also with family and twice with friends. We have become sceptical about travelling with others. Not only may the interests diverge, priorities, temperaments etc. which if not able to be worked around, can make the trip very difficult!

Languages we speak

  • Both of us: German, English
  • Me: Urdu (Hat’s off to my parents, who insisted, that my siblings and me learn the Pakistani national language) and some Punjabi
  • My husband: (he can get us around with these skills): Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Turkish; he blames me for not having learned Urdu in 12 years. However, he understands most of what he shouldn’t!
  • Besides, he can get himself a “Roti” (=bread), “Pani” (=water), charm someone, when introduced and find his way to the toilet- so what else does he need ;)?


What we like to do, besides travelling

Gardening: we have a terrace and love to see the plants grow and bloom. To experiment, I also have some exotic plants,including 4 varieties of Jasmine, which happened by coincidence, white Ginger, Guava plant, Tuberose, which is about to bloom and is famous for a heavenly scent at night!

Parfait: Saffron

Parfait: Saffron

Cooking – Pakistani, Swiss, German, Austrian and Italian, at times a bit of Turkish or middle Eastern recipes.

Paragliding, cycling, hiking, swimming etc.

I have rediscovered my passion of painting and have taken classes for Calligraphy, but am a total novice there!

What do we not like while travelling

  • Inconsiderate, racist and egoistic fellow travellers!
  • People drinking and/or smoking without asking and not taking in account, that it may bother someone.
  • Stupid, narrow minded and bigot attitude

Now for the fun part: read our blog! Enjoy and give feedback

You can contact us at hanelunterwegs[at]

or fill out this form! Looking forward to hear from you!


This is a personal blog and all of the thoughts expressed here are our own.