This weeks’ photo challenge is about Horizons. Just back from the mountains, sharing with you the beautiful – a bit dizzy- horizon from and to 2350 m height.

Horizons of and from Gemmipass, Valais, Switzerland


Entering Leukerbad: Gemmipass

The Gemmipass lies in Leukerbad, a small town in the canton Valais, in the south-east of Switzerland, bordering to France. Valais is bilang: German and French. Valais join the Confederation Heveticae a.k.a. Switzerland, in 1815 and are a very proud people! The river Rhone flows through the valley of the canton, which is sunny throughout the times. The flag has 13 stars, the 13th was added when Swtzerland was added to Valias (not the other way round!).

Leukerbad, with Gemmi wall at the back

Gemmi Pass Leukerbad


Gemmi-Pass in the afternoon and enveloped in clouds


Gemmipass in the blue hour


Gemmipass at dawn


Horizon from the top of Gemmipass


Who can spot the Matterhorn?


matterhorn (4 von 1)

View from Gemmi

View from Gemmi

and lots more to come!

Have you been to Switzerland? To Leukerbad? Did you enjoy it?


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