Autumn Holidays in Leukerbad?

You are choosing Autumn holidays for your family or as twosome? You don’t know where to go? It should be sunny? You should be able to enjoy some outdoors, at least to some extent?


Leukerbad – Hot water springs at 36 C, Gemmipass Trekking

Leukerbad, with Gemmi wall at the back

Doesn’ this sound tempting?

Go trekking on the Gemmipass, Torrent, go swimming in the warm water springs, which spring at 51C and made to swim at 36C. The nature of this area is very impressive: Valais is a sunny valley, with the river Rhone flowing through it and bordered by high Mountain peaks on each side, be it the Gemmi pass, the Simplon pass to Italy, and some other peaks! Valais is the agricultural canton of Switzerland, lying in the south east, bordering to France and almost every patch of green is covered by vineyards. Its people have seen various invasions and are a strong volk, very proud.

Alpentherme, Leukerbad
Valais has a German speaking area and a French speaking part or as we call it, the “Röstigraben” – division of the languages! Leukerbad is in the German speaking part.

Autumn in Leukerbad

Autumn in Leukerbad

Autumn in Leukerbad

Autumn in Leukerbad

Autumn in Leukerbad
What we really liked was to just go walking when we were not in mood of doing anything else and the golden autumn with falling leaves were more than inviting.


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