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Waldviertel- an Austrian region

Waldviertel, Austria, Breakfast

Waldviertel, Austria, Breakfast

The Waldviertel (Forest Quarter) is the northwestern region of the Austrian state of Lower Austria. It is bounded to the south by the Danube, to the southwest by Upper Austria, to the northwest and the north by the Czech Republic and to the east by the Manhartsberg (537 m), which is the survey point dividing Waldviertel from Weinviertel.

Good morning in Waldviertel

Spring 2 years ago, we visited the ancestral place of my husband in Waldviertel. About an hour’s drive from Vienna to the West, you get off the main highway in Melk, which is famous for its monastery, to drive upcountry. If you are traveling by train, you get off in Melk and take the bus.

It was a Green break/holidays, as one can imagine it: greenery everywhere, a farmhouse here, another private house there with all the necessaries in the village: a church, a restaurant, a school, a grocery store, which did the post as well and a graveyard. For a doctor, you had to drive to the next town. The bus connection to anywhere is on an hourly schedule.

And in this Greenery, we celebrated a “good morning” with a breakfast in a garden full of blooms, herbs and fun!

Good morning, Waldviertel, Austria

Good morning, Waldviertel, Austria

Here you breathe fresh air and hear nothing but nature, and  a few children playing. In Switzerland, you’d hear the cows’ bells as well. The ceramics in the picture are handmade pieces, made by my sister-in-law.

Good morning in Waldviertel, Austria

Good morning in Waldviertel, Austria

The weekend in the green environment did us very good. We came home relaxed, recharged and invigorated.

Things to do

  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Nordic walking
  • Mushrooming in autumn


Have you been to Austria’s upcountry? What did you enjoy in Austria?
Do you take short holidays in nature? Do you have tips to share- places to and stay?


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