Dubai: Le Meridian Lounge

Dubai: Le Meridian mina Seyahi, Lobby

After several stopovers in Dubai, this time our stop-over to Dubai had solely the purpose of relaxation and beach vacation. The hotels at Marina bay and Palm Jumeira Beach have direct access to the beach. This convenience however has its price, which we were willing to take upon us and booked the Le Meridian Mina Seyahi Beach resort at the Marina Bay.

How I choose a Hotel

When I choose a Hotel, I look at the Hotel feedbacks at and

I look at the percentage of the recommendations for the hotel, the pictures of the rooms, bathrooms, then the beach and the resort.

I do look at the negative feedbacks and only continue to read, if they really have to be considered, since often they are based on some personal problems, which were not solved at the hotel. Some people are also over critical, just because the hotel is not in Europe etc.

Shuttles, and problems with them

Dubai: Le Meridian BeachThere are accommodations and hotels not directly at the beach, which can be booked at lower rates. Hotels without direct access to the beach may offer shuttle services to beaches, with which they have contracts. However,the problem with these shuttles is, that they take almost 40-60 minutes one way to the beach, and they usually leave not before  9 a.m-10 a.m. to the beach (i.e. usually after the guests have taken their breakfast). This makes you reach the beach almost at the middle of the day. Being there in June, we wanted to be at the beach early in the morning, before breakfast, and before it got hot (and unbearable).

Why we liked the hotel:


Very clean, beautiful and modern design, terrace (and upon request we also got a deck chair/bed). The first room given to us was too close to the elevators. Upon request, the room was changed to the 9th floor. We had requested a non-smoking room and this was provided.

Le Meridian mina Seyahi, Sea View with terrace

Le Meridian mina Seyahi, Sea View with terrace

Le Meridian mina Seyahi

Le Meridian mina Seyahi


very quick, uncomplicated

Special requests:

taken care of immediately and after delivery, verified, if all is to our satisfaction

Green Effort:

we liked the different efforts made to make guests more environment conscious (laundry, cleaning of the rooms etc).

However, how about decreasing the AC temperature generally by 1 -2 C in the rooms, this will be very thankful for the environment. Don’t give those thick winter duvets! We changed ours and also had good night sleep without the AC on!

Food and complementary water bottles

Arabic/Lebanese breakfast

Arabic/Lebanese breakfast

we had once the Arabic Breakfast: and yes, it was delicious!

Another plus: The complimentary water and coffee tabs for the Nespresso Machine, I totally enjoyed it!

Dubai, Le Meridian, Lounge

Le Meridian Dubai: Lobby


Beautiful and clean; Life guard always present! Family friendly


Clean, very well maintained

Dubai: View from our terrace

View from our terrace


Having been to several beaches, never seen such a well maintained beach: keep that up! The lifeguard should however start before 9 a.m. in the hot weather. There are enough beach chairs and towels are provided to the guests.

Dubai: Le Meridian Beach

Beach of Le Meridian mina Seyahi

Shopping/Eating out:

There is a Carrefore just across the street and one at the Marina walk, which is about a 10-15 minute walk from the hotel. Shuttle: To the Mall of the Emirates, however the timings could be more frequent.

Taxi price. approx 80-90 Dhs to Airport

Mall of Emirates

What we didn’t like:

What bothered us so much, that we can not recommend this hotel or at least not the beach side rooms is the VERY LOUD DISCO, playing music till 3 a.m. I heard, that it is a very popular Barasti Beach disco in Dubai for different reasons. This was not aware to us, when we booked the hotel. If you have your room on the beach side you will hear the music till 2-3 a.m. If you want nightlife, then it may be fine, but for someone, who wants to relax, this is VERY disturbing. We were on the 9th floor, and it was still loud enough! I hope the city view rooms are less loud.

We booked this hotel for its own private beach, the room with the terrace and hoped to enjoy quiet evenings with the sea breeze on the beach or our terrace and were disappointed with respect to this.

However if someone is looking out for nightlife/disco and party, the hotel will be perfect.

Our suggestion: Some kind of sound proof screening/shield should be provided, so that guests, who want to relax in the evenings, can do so without being disturbed. If the rooms at the city side are quieter, this should be communicated to the guests at check-in.

Summarised, the hotel can be recommended for shopping, Airport proximity, Family fun, Sitting poolside, Relaxation, Beaches, Local food, Spa, cleanliness and Music and nightlife, Romantic getaways.

Sunste over Dubai Palm Beach

Sunste over Dubai Palm Beach


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