This week’s photo challenge is: Saturated
“Anything – be it multi colored, single colored, a few strokes of color, black, white – just make sure it is saturated”, they say! And this is the fun part as well as the difficult part, since I love colors and have lots of pictures, I could add here.

Hong Kong – saturated with Markets

Taking advantage of this challenge, I will show you the pictures of the Flower market of Hong Kong, the Goldfish market, Jade Market and the Wedding Market (Golden Plaza); in the latter market however, photography was not allowed in many shops!

The Flower, Goldfish and Jade Market are part of the famous Ladies Market of Mong Kok, Hong Kong.  The markets are fun to walk through, if you manage to squeeze your way through the crowd, even at 10 p.m. You can get anything here – from a pet to computers! Don’t look for any plaza or covered bazaar, the market consists of many small individual shops, which are grouped together in streets.
As a bonus, I have added a few pictures from Pakistan and Middle East.  Enjoy!

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Looking forward to see the other “Saturated” Entrees!