Correcting your grammar as you type along

Typos haunted me in anything I wrote, and at times they were very embarrassing!
Reading a post on how to improve one’s writing skills as a travel blogger, I cam across “Grammarly” – an add-on for your browser. It suggests corrections as you type along.

I installed it three days ago, using it with Google chrome, and am so HAPPY! Never thought, that life could “grammarly” be so easy :)!

What it will correct


  • It will detect spelling mistakes and provide corrections, which you can choose to accept or not.
  • Additionally it will look synonyms and suggest these to you as well.
  • Points to Commonly-confused words
  • You can double-click on a word to find its definition in the Web.



Grammarly will suggest corrections for

  • Article use
  • Capitalization
  • Misuses



Last but not least – and finally a “punctuation blessing!!” for

  • Comma use
  • End punctuation

A grammarly icon will appear at the bottom of the window, in which you are typing the text. If it is green, you are a master of your grammar – congrats! If not, it will appear red and have a number on it, indicating the number of mistakes.

I highly recommend using this free of charge add-on for your browser!

You can download it at:

a cup of coffee

Relax with a cup of coffee! This one I enjoyed at Jura Coffe World, a Coffee Museum in Switzerland