Following the trail of Ibn Battuta

To my knowledge, traditionally these exotic spices were used in Asian and probably to some extent in the Middle Eastern kitchen. Gradually they have gained popularity in the Western kitchen as well, finding their ways into sauces, pasta flavors, salad sauces, vegetable dishes and deserts.

Latest we had the opportunity to taste them in parfaits (semi frozen Ice cream). We chose one each with Saffron and Ginger flavor. The Saffron Parfait was served with Passion fruit sauce. 

Ginger Parfait

This one was the Ginger Parfait, with a very subtle flavour of Ginger in it.

Saffron Parfait

The Saffron Parfait had a pinch more flavour and tasted good. In fact, between the two of us, we shared the passion fruit sauce to give the Ginger Parfait a little bit of a taste.

Verdict: Both parfaits were refreshing and interesting. We conveyed a message to the cook, that esp. the Ginger one…

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