Post Processing decoded

Postprocessing my photographs, I move the sliders of my photo editing software which happens to be Lightroom 5 hoping for the desired results. I self-taught myself the post-processing of my photographs, supported by a tutorial at I am glad to have come across the following explanation of what is done during the post-processing. Sharing, thinking it may clarify post processing to others as well!

Exposure:  darkens or brightens the entire image

Recovery: (Highlights in Lightroom 4): brings back details in very bright areas by darkening them, unless the image has been severely over-exposed

Fill light: (Shadows in Lightroom 4): brings back the detail in dark areas by brightening them, unless they are severely under-exposed

Blacks: makes black colors look darker and adds punch

Contrast: adds more or less drama and punch to an image

Tone Curve and sliders below it for Highlights, Lights, Darks and Shadows: have the ability to do the job of the above mentioned sliders

Temperature: makes the image look warmer or cooler Saturation, Hue and Luminosity: can adjust individual colors

nHow Hotel Berlin, by Karim Rashid

NHow Hotel Berlin, Business center, designed by Karim Rashid

How would you like this as your working place? 🙂