Stop-over In Dubai

Arabic green Coffee/Kehwa

Arabic Green Coffee/Kehwa served with dates

First time we did it after a family vacation in South Africa and then got the “taste of it” – no schedules, no have to’s, just let’s “enjoy the day” and rewind from the vacation or travelling before getting home!

With airlines providing journey stay-overs at the respective home country, sometimes with special discounts/packages, this has become very convenient. So far we have kept to Dubai for our stay-overs, however friends of ours have taken breaks in Bangkok, Singapore etc. depending on the deals.


Can you relax in Dubai?

Yes, definitely! Having done Dubai sight-seeing during earlier stay-overs, we just wanted a “sea and beach” break! For this I searched for a hotel with direct access to the sea, without the need to be escorted to the beach by a shuttle at the middle of the day etc.

The hotel shuttles are convenient, but their contras are, that you may end up travelling almost an hour to the beach and/or the first shuttle leaving the hotel after 9 – 10 a.m. , so that the half day is “lost” with getting to the beach. Being June, we wanted to avoid the later morning and midday “heat” hours at the beach. Thus, Marina Bay was our choice, and we were not disappointed.


Dubai in June?

With forecasts of 45C at daytime and > 30C at night, this certainly was a concern, but as we were flying through Dubai anyway, we proceeded. And yes, it was hot, however being rather a dry heat, it was more tolerable than the Far East, where we were returning from.

Dubai: Le Meridian BeachTo get the best of the break, we got up at dawn for an early morning swim and then off for breakfast and then Siesta. We stayed at the beach as long as the temperature was tolerable. In the afternoon the temperatures became more comfortable an hour before sunset. It was treat to take a dip into the 27-28C warm water and then come out, feeling the cool sea breeze on your skin.

For food, we chose to self-catering with a general store close by and sticking to light meals, fruits, salads and yoghurt or local foods like Hummus, Tabbouleh, Haloumi cheese, Laban and fresh bread! It was delicious! Luckily water was complimentary in our hotel.

Dubai – at Dawn

Dubai at Dawn

Sleeping with the terrace door open, this guy wakened us up at dawn and stayed just for me to take 2 – 3 photos of him.

At dawn: View from our terrace from the 9th floor. The hotel had a beautiful garden and beach, very well maintained with beautiful flora and fauna. For those, who wanted to relax in a quieter atmosphere, the neighbouring hotel had a space designated only for adults, which could be shared.

Dubai: View from our terrace

Dubai: View from our terrace at dawn

Dubai: View on Palm Jumeirah and Atlantis

Dubai: View on Palm Jumeirah and Atlantis

At dawn: View of the beach of the hotel and the Palm Jumeirah with the Atlantis Hotel at the horizon

Dubai: Le Meridian Beach, with view on Atlantis

At dawn: The Atlantis Hotel made out a bit clearer with a zoom
The beach in the morning: You can see yourself, how well maintained the beach was. It was such a joy and pleasure to walk in the beautifully combed sand in the morning and into the warm waters of the sea.

Dubai: Le Meridian Beach

I love the contrast between the yellow of the flowers and the blue of the sky

Dubai, Le Meridian Beach

Dubai, Le Meridian Beach

dubai lemeridian-9

Whenever they saw food, the birds were cheeky! This one wanted a bite from my breakfast, waiting very impatiently!

Regretfully I didn't get this one sharp

Regretfully I didn’t get this one sharp

Le Meridian from Garden, Dubai

Le Meridian from Garden, Dubai

Plumeria (frangipani)

Plumeria (frangipani)

Dubai, Le Meridian, Coffee

Terraced Cafe

The lounge of the hotel, always filled with the heavenly scent of Lilies. They served home-made Lychee juice all the time at the entrance.

Dubai: Le Meridian Lounge

Dubai: Le Meridian Lounge

This Arabic traditional sitting arrangement was a favorite with children and adults – and me!

Dubai, Le Meridian, Lounge

Le Meridian Dubai: Lobby

Complimentary Chocolates

Complimentary Chocolates

In one of the next posts, I will be writing about the hotel.

How about you, do you make vacations within vacations?

Do you make stop-overs at the airlines home country?

Have you been to Dubai in the summer? What was your experience?