View on lake of Zurich from top of Uetliberg

View on lake of Zurich from top of Uetliberg

Can you imagine never to enjoy this view, even if available at a short distance?

The view is of Zurich lake and Panorama taken from the Panorama terrace of the 72 m high Panorama tower of Uetliberg (870 m above sea level), also called “Top of Zurich”! You can access the Panorama terraces at different levels by climbing the stairs.

My problem always had been my fear of height! The day I conquered it, I shot the picture above. That day I became  


and proud of myself!

Despite the mist, I had a view far into the alps. However more than the physical view, it was befreeing feeling in me, to have conquered my fear of height!

This excursion is a favourite one among the people, esp. families of Zurich, The top of Uetliberg can be accessed by the S-Bahn (train), the Ueltlibergbahn.

To get to the top

By Tram from main railway station of Zurich

  • From the Tram station at the top, you walk to the top for another 10 minutes. The path is quite steep and requires good footwear, even if the path is also asphalted.

Hiking to the top: there are several starting points

Mountain Biking: seek out the bike trails


At the top, there are paths for hikers and trekkers through the forests – asphalted and not.  Always take care to have good foot and outdoor wear. If you get too tired, possibility is there to take the train to the top, however make sure to take a track close to the train. For mountain bikers they have created quite adventurous tracks up there. It is all up to your choice, how you want to access the top and how you want to enjoy it. You can do picnics or go for the restaurant at the top with a beautiful view over Zurich and its lake.

Any of you been there? Did you enjoy it?

Have you conquered your fears on your travels?

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