Searching through my Database for today’s daily prompt themed the Artist’s eye I scrolled through the Arts of Marrakesh, the pictures of the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, the Calligraphies I have captured, the Big Buddha in Lantau, Hongkong, the wooden sculptures and tree art of South Africa and then suddenly this picture  had me

The Truck Art of Pakistan

– Art on wheels

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The Truck Art of Pakistan

The Truck Art of Pakistan

Fascinated by this truck stuck in a traffic jam, a bit ahead of us, I could at least catch the rear of it. Not knowing much about the Truck art, I read up and here are some fascinating excerpts:

An indigenous form of art created in Pakistan is Truck Painting. With colourful floral patterns, creative depictions of heroes with calligraphy of poetic verses, this form of art is an established part of Pakistani transport tradition.

While trucks are also decorated in India and Bangladesh, and in several other Asian and South American countries, truck art has developed to an unparalleled apogee in Pakistan and southern Afghanistan.

Durriya Kazi, an artist and professor at the University of Karachi, believes that truck art is related to the Sufi tradition of decorating shrines and holy sites as a way to earn religious merit. “The idea is, if we don’t honor the truck, it won’t give back to us,” she said. Kazi has been researching and collecting truck art for decades and traces its genealogy back to older forms and traditions of decorative art.

In recent years, Pakistani truck art has gained an international profile, thanks in part to the work of scholars like Kazi, who has been involved with bringing exhibits to Japan and Australia and thinks that the surge in interest will help sustain the art form, even as modernized containers and oil tankers are painted in standardized paint schemes. “Suddenly now there’s a huge revival,” she says. “It’s constantly evolving.”

Show me a piece of Art, that has caught your attention for its originality, not necessarily for its Art value in the traditional sense.