Are you looking for an easy to access mountainous resort for a day’s trip or vacations (days or weeks), providing winter and/or summer outdoor activity? How does a 70 minutes drive from Zurich sound to you? Yes?

Braunwald may be the place you are looking for! No cars, beautiful views, forests, trekking trails and hotels or apartments to stay summarises this village in Switzerland’s smallest canton, Glarus.

Why should I go there?

Do brisk mountain air filled with the scent of pines, melted water springs, challenging mountain biker tours, climbing- and trekking trails, leisure walk and fishing at Oberblegi-lake convince you? After a tiring weekend duty, we went for a leisurely day’s trip to Braunwald last year presented in these pictures:

Hiking in Braunwald

Hiking in Braunwald, Switzerland (Iphone 4s)

Early summer blooms in Braunwald

Early summer blooms in Braunwald, Switzerland (Iphone 4s)

Alpine Blooms, Switzerland

Alpine Blooms, Switzerland (Iphone 4s)


Braunwald, Switzerland

Braunwald with mountain Panorama, Swizerland

Braunwald with mountain Panorama, Switzerland (Iphone 4s)

Panorama View of Glarus

Panorama view of Glarus, Switzerland

And now for a Swiss experience à la carte

After a 1 1/2 hour’s walk, we headed to a restaurant with a beautiful view over Glarus. Lucky to get a table in the shade, we made ourselves comfortable and ordered Ice coffees. We enjoyed the tranquillity and serenity of the atmosphere, pleasant breeze, scent of fresh mountain air and then suddenly reality had us back with a snap: the bill for our Ice coffees: CHF 10/ each! I guess this was one of the most expensive Ice coffees we ever had! Welcome to Switzerland! 🙂

And you have not experienced Switzerland, unless you have enjoyed these

Other highlights of Braunwald

  • Herb garden:

    It has a variety of herbs at display and is to visit if you are in Braunwald. However don’t go there specially for this herb garden, it isn’t worth the effort!

  • Alpine rose gardens:

    Braunwald boasts the highest alpine rose gardens (up to 1900m) with 500 different kinds of roses. (I haven’t been there – yet!)

  • Various climbing routes

How to get there

  • Train/Bus
  • Cable Railway from the base station at Linth
  • By car (upto Linth)

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