This week’s photo challenge: The world through your eyes as a photo challenge, without any specifications – what an opportunity!  Scrolling down the photo folders on my PC, I waited for the inspiring photo….

And there it was, bringing back memories of a day full of frightening excitement: a sunset dinner at the Jimbaran beach of Bali. So what is so frightening about a sunset dinner at Jimbaran Beach, you may ask. Isn’t it a hyped touristy thing to do, so much so, that you are even advised against it?

Sunset dinner at Jimabaran Beach

Sunset dinner at Jimabaran Beach, Bali, Iphone (4s)

So, why and what does it have to do with this challenge, I hear you asking.

That day my husband had one of his worst swimming accidents at the Bali Cliff a.k.a Greenball beach. Overestimating himself (yes, he has to live with this critic), not paying heed to his cautious – he labels it as overprotective- wife, who warned him against undercurrents of the sea, which are supposed to be dangerous for swimmers, he went into the water, unequipped!

He got into these undercurrents and couldn’t swim back to the beach. Luckily a surfer saw him and gave him a ride on his surfing board towards the beach. He dropped him off at more shallow waters. As my husband tried to catch his breath, without any warning, he was swept off his feet and pulled out into the deep sea again by a wave! And again to the same place, where the undercurrents made swimming impossible.

He struggled against these streams to remain on surface, but weakened already, he was so exhausted, that he almost didn’t realize when the surfers came to his rescue.

Bali Cliff a.k.a. Greenball Beach

Bali Cliff a.k.a. Greenball Beach

While all of this was happening, I was sitting at the beach fretting away, not knowing what had happened, but anxiety spinning high as time passed by.

Once the frightening shock started to settled down, we were numb by gratitude, fear and all those “what ifs”. Thankful for any distraction, we went along, when someone at the hotel suggested a sunset dinner at Jimbaran Beach. We enjoyed the peace at the beach, let the evening happen and each reflecting over the incidence and how it changed our perspective to life.

Sunset at Jimbaran Beach, Bali

Sunset at Jimbaran Beach, Bali, Iphone 4s

Besides all the horror of this incidence and the list of lessons learnt, that day changed our perspective to life: every moment can be your last! This thought opens new perspectives and awareness to you and it has changed how we travel and prepare for travelling.

And yes, my husband has learnt his lesson!

Have you been to Jimbaran Beach? What is your experience?

Our advice to the Beaches of Bali south: they are beautiful and dangerous for swimmers. They are good for surfers though. We spent the second half of the vacations in East Bali, snorkelling.

Nusa Dua; View from our Breakfast Hall

Nusa Dua; View from our Breakfast Hall

On another note: with this post, I am starting a new tagline called Iphone photography. I will tag all the pictures, which I made with my Iphone (4s). To this point, I have been quite satisfied by the photos taken with my Iphone except photos with a flash at night. However night photos without flash and good apps make acceptable night skylines, for an instance.