Morrocan Mint Tea

Morrocan Mint Tea

…and so did my grandfather in every discussion the two of us used to have over beverages with ice. Yeah yeah, I used to think, trying to sneak away before the lecture on how hot beverages ‘kill’ the outside heat and cool you off as well as how ice is harmful to your teeth, would follow.

At the age of 75, i.e. 10 years beyond the life expectancy of adult males in Pakistan, he still had his own teeth, without needing a dentist. Somehow I am not convinced, that avoiding ice in his drinks was the only reason for this!

On the matter of hot beverages to combat heat, his words convinced me however, when I chose hot Morrocan Mint tea at 38C over Cola with ice in Marrakech at the Art of Seeing Photography workshop.

Well!! What else did you expect: the feeling of heat was much better, I felt less tired, in fact fresher! If it just wouldn’t be that sweet!

I learned two lessons that day: Elders are not always wrong 😉 (Pun intended) and to beat the heat, drink hot beverages, it really works! A wisdom, Bedouin always knew and lived by!

Not only did my grandfather get his way (read: word) with hot tea, but also scientists have an explanation for his opinion! Did I mention, that I don’t like to be overruled;)? (Again, Pun intended).

Morrocan Mint Teatime

Morroca Mint Teatime

As you might have imagined, consuming a hot drink does add heat to your body, but that heat actually increases the rate at which you sweat, which can help cool you off. The scientists who conducted the study believe that thermosensors lining the throat and mouth might be what triggers the sweating response.

A big thanks and prayer for blessings for my grandfather!