At the occasion of Earthday, sharing a Photopost of solar-energy driven warm water facility we saw on top of every house – private or hotel – in Göynuk, Turkish Riviera.

Solar Energy warm water tank, Turkish Riviera

Solar-Energy warm water tank, Turkish Riviera

The Beachclub, in which we stayed, did have these equipments too. It was irritating, that you had to let quite some water volume flow, till the warm water ran from the tap, but it was very warm, not to say hot. Across the Turkish Riviera they have these solar-energy warm-water units, either as small as the one on the photo for a small private house or bigger units for offices, hotels and Beachclubs. There is potential to improvement, but at least an effort is there!

What Enviroment-friendly/Eco/Greenidea or innovation did you come across during your travels?