Patio festival in Cordoba

Patio festival in Cordoba

In the second week of May, Cordoba hosts the contest of the patios, to display and select the best patio in the historic center of the city. In 1918 the mayor of the city started this contest. Now the contest draws hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world to see the beautiful patios, filled with flowers. The patios are inside private residences, and the owners of the houses open up their patios to the public.



This is a feast of colors and scents: they have potted plants on the floors of the patio, as well as on the walls. The colors of the flowers and the perfumes will enchant everyone who loves flowers.


We were there in April and came across beautiful decorations in the narrow lanes of Cordoba, one private patio and also the Municipality office of Cordoba. Most of the flowers we saw in April there, were Geraniums and Petunias.


A restaurant in the lanes of the Old Jewish quarters, the Juderia

Patio Festival of Cordoba

Patio Festival of Cordoba

The inner courtyards of the Zoco Artisan Market in Cordoba.

Geranium in Cordoba

Geranium show in the Zoco Artisan Market in Cordoba.


and this is my favorite picture!

Here is the link to the Cordoba Patio Festival/Competetion website with more information about the festival and tickets