From a late summer long weekend in Arosa

Welcome to Switzerland, the land of alps (some of the highest mountains of Europe), winter sports, watches, chocolates, democracy, banks, 1,484 lakes….

Arosa, Switzerland

Arosa is a small town in the canton of Graubünden (east) in Switzerland. It is both a summer and a winter tourist resort. We enjoyed a short vacation in late summer, with brisk fresh air of an early snowfall and lots to explore – mountains, the forests, lake and the commendable adventure park.

Going in the summer, you could be entitled to get the “Arosa card” for free, which entitles you to use the public transport, including the cabins to the mountain tips for free, free parking and free access to the adventure park. Taking the cabins to the tops of the peaks – the Weisshorn and/or the Hörnli, you can enjoy beautiful panoramas while taking a picnic or enjoying a warm lunch or a coffee and cake at the restaurant on the top of Weisshorn. There are hiking tracks to be explored, you can go biking and explore the surroundings, take a dip in the lake (brr!), go for paragliding or just relax and enjoy the late summer or early autumn breeze!

Arosa. View from Cabin

Arosa. Potpourri

Arosa, Potpourri

Adventure Park: my husband balancing his way through the park

Adventure Park: my husband balancing his way through the park


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